IGREENGrid project approach


Topics to be addressed

Following topics will be addressed:

  1. Choose a family of relevant local projects (and other relevant FP7 initiatives) focused on the effective integration of variable distributed generation in power distribution grids to share knowledge, identifying most promising solutions to scale and replicate them at European level. Six outstanding EU local pilot and demonstration large-scale projects constitute the core of the family of projects.
  2. Using as input the KPIs developed within the framework of the EEGI (GRID+ Project), IGREENGrid establishes an economic and technical evaluation framework and assessment methodology for the evaluation of different DEMO projects. The assessment methodology takes into consideration: cost-benefit analysis, energy efficiency ratios, level of losses indicators, level of renewable energy  penetration, security supply ratios, facilities and availability indicators.
  3. Application of the EEGI approach in order to evaluate relevant DER integration initiatives and provide feedback to GRID+ to improve the assessment framework.
  4. Evaluation and classification of the developed solutions of relevant individual experiences for the effective integration of DER in Europe in accordance with their technical and economic performance and characteristics of the different distribution voltage levels at EU (using the above mentioned KPIs).
  5. Identification of most promising solutions and learnt lessons of DER penetration in distribution grids that could be replicated at European scale to be tested in different scenarios and hypothesis.
  6. Design and development of IGREENGrid simulation & evaluation framework (based on the assessment framework established according to EEGI guidelines) in order to simulate and test the most promising solution.
  7. Share the knowledge about the different solutions based on real experience and simulation studies among the IGREENGrid DSOs.
  8. Produce guidelines for the DER future massive integration in distribution grids including the following topics: recommendations about rules and criteria to manage properly distribution systems focused on establishing hosting capacity levels, technical requirement to DRES, requirements for  manufacturers of equipment and technology providers, and methodologies and tools to develop accurate technical and economic assessments.