IGREENGrid participated on the 14th Symposium Energieinnovation

14 th Symposium EnergieinnovationIGREENGrid attended the 14th Symposium Energieinnovation to present two papers.

First paper was " Potential of active power curtailment to increase the hosting capacity of distribution networks”. The objective of this paper is to discuss the implementation of active power curtailment to increase the network hosting capacity. While supporting the network operation, investment security and non-discriminatory access must be guaranteed.In order to investigate the issue of active power curtailment, a LV feeder with 30 PV generators of 3 kWp has been considered and a comparison has been made between the reference case (without control) and the use of reactive and active power management. The results show that it is possible to meet the network operation limits with a reduction of the annual yield of less than 1 %. Even if installations are curtailed to different extent, depending on their position along the feeder, this overall yield reduction is significantly less than the yield reduction obtained from a fix curtailment (reduction of about 6 % of the annual yield for a fix curtailment to 70 % of the nominal power).

Second paper was "Statistical analysis of the deployment potential of Smart Grids solutions to enhance the hosting capacity of LV networks". This paper presents the results of the work done in the project IGREENGrid on the quantification of the potential of smart grids solutions in LV networks on the basis of a comprehensive statistical analysis of real datasets from two network operators. This work shows a moderate potential for reactive power-based voltage control and a significant potential for voltage regulated distribution transformer in the considered areas.

This year, the 14th Symposium Energieinnovation took place in Graz (Austria) from the 10th to the 12th of February.

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