IGREENGrid project presented in the 11th SET Plan EEGI Team Meeting in Brussels

EEGI Team meeting
IGREENGrid project experience with RES integration has been presented in the 11th SET Plan EEGI Team Meeting the 20th May 2014 in Brussels.

Under the overall guidance of the Steering Group of the SET Plan, the EEGI team is composed by Industry, European Commission and Member States and when necessary other relevant stakeholders (research, financial communities, etc.). It provides a flexible platform for planning and programming of actions to implement the initiative. It is to provide to the Steering Group, the Implementation Plan for endorsement and an indication of the availability of programming instruments and budget for its implementation. The team will then develop actions, identify the investment needs, put into operation and monitor the activities which compose the initiative. In addition, it will work with the other EEGI Teams to address cross-cutting issues and also possible synergies and potential overlaps.

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