Austrian Demostrators

  Four Austrian demostrators:

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Austrian Demonstrators

Austrian Pioneer Initiatives: Smart Grids Model Region Salzburg & Pioneer Region Upper Austria (Austria). Lead by Salzburg AG, Energie AG and AIT

Energy AG, Salzburg AG and AIT's contribution to the IGREENGrid project focuses on the results from four local pilot projects.These projects are:

  • Austrian Demo AU1: MV-Grid Lungau DG-DemoNet is based on real time measurements at critical nodes in the grid used to optimize the voltage level at the primary substation. Reactive power from DG units (hydro, biomass) additionally reduces the voltage spread controlled by a CVCU (Central Voltage Control Unit) installed in the primary substation.
  • Austrian Demo AU2: MV-Grid Lungau ZUQDE incorporates a similar electric approach as demo AU1 but is dedicated to the SCADA Distribution Management System and is based on state estimation and Volt-VAr control using reactive power from DG units.
  • Austrian Demo AU3 a:LV-Grid Eberstalzell DG DemoNet Smart LV enables increased hosting capacity for rooftop PV installations based on voltage level control at on-load tap changer in secondary substations using real time measurement of voltage from smart meters transmitted by PLC. Reactive power from inverters additionally reduces the voltage spread coordinated by a control unit at the secondary substation.
  • Austrian Demo AU3 b: LV-Grid Köstendorf DG DemoNet Smart LV integrates the concept of AU3 a within a broad smart grid approach.
  • Involved customers are interconnected with broad band communication lines which are also used for television and internet. Each customer operating a roof top PV plant also owns an electric vehicle. The charging unit as well as potential further devices of customers are controlled by a Building Energy Agent unit. Smat meters take over real-time voltage measurements and the transfer of related data.  Main parts of the Volt-VAr control are implemented in a central system and are interconnected via the Energy Information Network which also enables control of reactive power of PV Inverters.
  • Austrian Demo AU4LV-Grid HiT / Rosa Hoffmann Str. is an urban project focusing on the building to grid concept. PV, co-generation from the heating system, some electric vehicles for public services and car sharing as well as interfaces to custumers and smart home appliances are installed in the buildings with a total of 129 flats.

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