Key figures

  • DER involved: Wind (Installed Power: 18 MW)
  • Customers : 3.000 at MV and LV
  • 1 primary substation with 1 HV/MV transformer (63/20 kV – 20 MVA)
  • 6 feeders
  • 130 secondary substations (MV/LV)
  • Budget: 23.4 M€
  • Large colllaboration: 10 partners
  • Execution periode: 2012-2015







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Smooth integration of large Wind turbines into distribution network



Venteea is a project focused on the integration of large wind generation in MV distribution networks.

The objective of this project is to create the best conditions to ensure an economically and technically efficient integration of renewable energy, particularly wind power plants, in medium voltage distribution networks of the future. The scope of testing will be directed towards issues related to production facilities of significant power connected to the distribution network HTA (20kV) in a rural area where the rate of wind energy development is particularly high.


The project is located in the Champagne-Ardenne region


Additionally, the project aims to remove the main barriers which may hamper the massive integration of renewable energy production on the networks and to implement innovative solutions for energy-efficient network operations of existing and future distribution networks.

From a technological point of view, this demo will:

  • Improve network reliability in presence of production.
  • Adapt network management and automation and also the controllability of production facilities in order to optimize the operation of the system.
  • Reduce technical losses networks through the use of devices for voltage regulation and reactive power.
  • Validate the use of an energy storage solution for operation of distribution networks services.
  • Establish the system information's needed evolutions to allow the development of smart grid and a more evolved planification system in order to facilitate the integration of renewable energies.

VENTEEA will test different automation and communication solutions to optimize the integration of wind generation in MV network.

SmartGrid Functions

  • Voltage and power sensors for network real time diagnosis.
  • MV network state estimator.
  • Voltage regulation function.
  • Command and control system (PS) to manage the voltage on MV network in real time.
  • Devices to exchange data with DER to facilitate their integration in the network.
  • Devices to transfer field measurements.
  • Multifunctional/multi-stakeholder storage of 2 MVA.

Main Deliverables

  • Use of production forecast and voltage regulation thanks to cooperation and data exchange with wind power generator.
  • Improving automation of the MV/LV power grid and develop new products.
  • Studying the impact of renewable energies on quality and reliability of energy supply.
  • Use of storage for several actors and several system services.