Definition of KPIs

Two main categories for IGREENGrid KPIs

1. First Category Indicators

The first category indicators have been designed in order to evaluate the benefits of a solution according to the most important technical goals required for DRES integration in distribution systems. Each proposed KPI is related to a technical benefit (primary objective) that is expected to be reached by one or several group of smart grid solutions.


Primary Objective

First Category Indicator

Solutions evaluated with this KPI

Improvement of the integration of DRES in the distribution network

Increase of DRES Hosting Capacity

  • Voltage control
  • Storage plants installation
  • DRES generation forecasting
  • Demand response

Improvement of quality of supply

Quality of Supply improvement

  • Voltage control
  • Storage plants installation

Improvement of the energy efficiency

Increase of network energy efficiency

  • Voltage control
  • Storage plants installation
  • Demand response



2. Secondary Category Indicators

Second category indicators have been designed in order to evaluate the operation of the network in presence of the smart grid solution according to aspects that support the achievement of the first category objectives. Each second category indicator is linked to a specific objective and is designed to evaluate a limited group of solutions depending on their impact.


Secondary Objective

Second Category Indicator

In which case the KPI is relevant

Optimization usage time

Solution usage time

  • Impact of the SUT on the network asset

Reverse/Reactive power flow

Reverse flow indicator

  • Reverse Power flow in primary/secondary substation
  • Reactive power exchange between the demonstrator and the upstream network

Forecasting accuracy increase

Effectivness of the forecasting

  • Forecasting error the DRES generation

Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

CO2 footprint

  • Impact on the equivalent greenhouses gas emission



3. KPI Description

For more details on each KPI please refer to the synthesis IGREENGrid KPIs that can be downloaded here.



4. Conclusion

The KPIs assessment methodology is applied to IGREENGrid demonstrators in order to compare the performance of the tested smart grid solutions. This activity also allows the evaluation of the applicability of the designed KPIs on the considered networks and will enable to highlight the advantages/limitations of the proposed performance evaluation method.