Key Figures

  • Hydroelectric (9 MW)
  • Biogas (0,65 MW)
  • PV (82 kW)
  • Customers : 8.000 at LV and 25 at MV.
  • Execution periode: March 2011- March 2014


No partners involved in Isernia project. There are only subcontractors




Demonstrate, under real field conditions new telecommunication technologies aimed at testing a series of Smart Grid technologies (including storage systems).  The project address four smart grid related technologies:  

  • Integration of renewable.
  • Storage.
  • Customer Engagement (demand response).
  • Electric vehicles.


The project addresses the challenge of increasing the MV network hosting capacity of DG while maintaining power quality. The project involves a large part of the MV network supplied by the “Carpinone” Primary Substation and the connected distributed generation.

The principal innovations deal with a new advanced control and protection system, innovative charging stations for electric vehicles, electric energy storage system and provision of “smart info” devices.

The project includes:

  • Energy storage, integrated with PV panels and an electric vehicle (EV) recharging infrastructure managed to optimise the energy flow.
  • An information technology platform that will also be deployed to improve communication with generations and promote grid efficiency.
  • A forecasting system for distributed generation.
  • And lastly, new innovative household devices that will be delivered to end users to allow them to monitor their electricity consumption.

The project is located in Isernia (Molise, Italy). The selected geographic location of the demonstration project represents ideal climate conditions for the particular generation technology (sunny climate for PV and windy for wind generation) and a relatively weak network.

Smart Grid Functions

The main Smart Grid Functions of the project are:

  • Implementation and management of a charging infrastructure and 5 electric vehicles.
  • 1 PV plant supporting the charging infrastructure.
  • Multifunctional storage (integrated with the charging infrastructure but also contributing to the MV voltage control and peak shaving).
  • Almost 8000 LV customers provided with Smart Info devices communicating with ENEL AMM system.
  • Fail-Safe Substation Automation.
  • Voltage regulation in Primary Substation, local and centralized on DERs group.

Main Deliverables

  • Development of an innovative forecasting system of distributed generation connected to distribution network (MAGO – Monitoring and control of Active distribution Grid Operation) integrated in Enel’s telecontrol systems.  
  • Demonstration of a new automation system (logic selectivity function).
  • Demonstration of new anti-islanding techniques.
  • Demonstration of innovative voltage regulation mechanisms that ensure required power quality levels in distribution network.
  • Demonstration of new customer engagement tools (Smart Info) for energy efficiency, with an analysis of the shift/reduction in customer load profiles and total energy consumption as a result of the deployment of these technologies.
  • Commissioning of a MultiFunctional Storage contributing to the MV voltage control and peak shaving.