IGREENGrid Objectives

IGREENGrid objectives focus on achieving SET-PLAN objectives: effective low-carbon technologies and efficient energy development.

IGREENGrid identifies the best promising solutions and proposes guidelines to increase the hosting capacity for DER in distribution power grids without compromising the reliability or jeopardizing the quality of power supply.

IGREENGrid evaluates how the hosting capacity can be enlarged with the use of real time monitoring and advanced control: renewable energy production in the distribution systems up to the maximum amount permissible hosting capacity becomes crucial.

IGREENgrid is focused on the following procedures: balancing (optimise network power flows) signalling (providing data on the distribution network) and connecting (DER plug-and-play).

Main Final results

Main final result of IGREENGrid will be a set of guidelines, consisting of a portfolio of accurate methodologies and tools for an appropriate integration of small and medium size variable renewable resources in distribution grids (both in MV and LV networks) considering different climatic, regulatory and technical frameworks.

Furthermore, the expected outputs will consist of sharing the developed knowledge and promoting the best practices and initiatives by identifying potential solutions for the integration of DER brought about in the individual demo projects and then validating them via models/simulation/testing in other network environments to assess the scalability and replicability at EU level.

The following main functions will be studied particularly:

  • Connection of DER to the grid.
  • Distribution system balancing: ancillary services, operation criteria, reverse power flows and active demand management, storage, curtailing and smart metering processes linked to the balancing.
  • Signalling: data exchange with DER and/or consumption, signals among sensors and metering.