Recomendations to EEGI regarding the use of KPIs

IGREENGrid provides recommendations to EEGI

The applicability of EEGI KPIs have been analyzed during several months of exploitation of the IGREENGrid demonstrators. 

A set of recommendations has then been issued to faciliate the calculation of the following KPIs:

  • Increased RES and DER Hosting Capacity
  • Reduced energy curtailment of RES/DER
  • Power quality and quality of supply
  • Increased flexibility from energy players
  • Reduction of energy losses


The common problems identified are:

  • The difficulty to gather large amount of data and
  • The uncertainty in KPIs calculation procedures.


The main recommendation to overcome the encountered problems is to rely on adequate simulations to reconstruct realistic situations of network operation. Other recommendations are related to change the definition of some KPIs to make them more adapted to the field situaton.


For more details please refer to the synthesis KPI Recommendations that can be downloaded here.